I don’t profess any great skill in writing, the truth be known I failed English at school and struggled with dyslexia for many years. It was only at Art School having to complete my first dissertation that I slowly began to grasp the concept of writing! What my writing does possess though is a journalistic approach toward some kind of investigatory conversation. I am criticised in academic circles for being too wide, and while I agree that my style doesn’t sit well in a pure academic frame of reference (being and a yard wide and a mile deep), my preference has always been a (mile wide and perhaps a fews yards deep). My beliefs that the latter provides more useful bodies of enquiry for anyone to approach.

I believe as many do that we are at a stage in human development that the old enlightenment branches of learning are now touching one another. The challenge now is that we must venture over on to new branches and adopt a rhizomatic methodology to art and learning. We need to return to a Renaissance Man methodology in order to properly explore the present paths now and for the future. For myself this means deeper collaboration into related and unrelated fields both creative and academic and to support studio practise.

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